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20 Experts Share Predictions for Cloud in 2020 and Beyond

Edge Computing Will Go Mainstream:

20 Experts Share Predictions for Cloud in 2020 and Beyond

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“2020 will mark a notable shift in enterprise IT as the dawn of a new era of edge computing arises. The first-generation model of centralized cloud computing and storage has now run its course, and most of the new opportunities for enterprise data management reside at the edge. Such data growth outside the datacenter is the new reality, and it’s creating a need for enterprises to deploy computing power and storage capabilities at the network edge, aka edge computing. Enterprises are already investing in edge computing to move faster, to have data continuously available, and to improve data security. As edge computing goes mainstream in enterprise IT in 2020, edge-to-cloud architectures that manage data centrally while making it instantly available to users at the edge will be a key enabler for business success.”


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