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The Rise of Private Enterprise Cloud Storage


Today we’re sharing the results of a survey of 200 enterprise IT professional (done via independent research firm ResearchNow).

The infographic below (click for full size) tells the highlights: Enterprises overwhelmingly (ratio of 2:1) prefer to use cloud storage applications on infrastructure they control, whether private clouds or ‘virtual private’ clouds that are hosted externally but managed at the infrastructure level. This as opposed to adopting SaaS (software as a service) solutions, and driven by concerns over security and data governance.

Insight from these results: The public vs. private cloud debate is missing the point – the question is not only whether the infrastructure is internal to the company (private) or run by a cloud provider (public). The fundamental distinction is between an application and data stack that you cannot control (=SaaS), vs. a platform and infrastructure that you can control, whether it’s deployed in your own datacenter or hosted elsewhere but in an environments that’s entirely yours (‘virtual private’ cloud). Data governance and security are key, and in the rush to the cloud enterprises are obviously aware that they shoud chart their course carefully.

Another interesting data point is that cloud storage gateways are showing both market presence and growth opportunity, with a fifth of respondents already using them and a further 33% planning to deploy them.

the rise of private enterprise cloud storage
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