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That New Car Smell...

Well, it has been a while, hasn’t it? I really love blogging, I have to admit – but there’s no way that I’m nearly as efficient as Chuck Hollis (EMC, VMware) who famously claims to be able to pound out posts in an hour. Jeff Barr (AWS) is operating at a similar pace. I envy these guys, if only than because it just takes me longer to write and priorities compete when you’re growing and evolving as fast as CTERA. Alas, I digress…

OK, hop in.  Breathe deep… Yeah, that’s right.  Smells brand new… huh?

Welcome to the all new!  We hope you like it and please do share your feedback with us. We spent the better part of a year evolving our brand to better reflect our focus on helping to modernize the enterprise, and to focus on the bigger ‘platform’ story here and how the whole of our offering is greater than the sum of its parts.

file-sync-and-share + c400-cloud+   backup +   in-cloud-backup  = ctera-portal 

Welcome also to a new year at CTERA, where we’re happy to announce our very strong performance in 2015. Our momentum is powered by the continued expansion of our enterprise business which grew exceptionally in 2015 –  where we announced 200% year-over-year increase in sales to enterprise customers (essentially, this business tripled).

2015 was an amazing year. Lots of new CTERA customers; including the Carlyle GroupDelaware NorthDeutsche TelecomThe Korte CompanyLearfield Communications, Live Nation, LVMH, the State of Texas and many more. Many of these customers are using the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform for more than one use case, and all of them have responded very well to our newest SW release, version 5.0.

Keeping with the car analogy, CTERA in many ways was like a Tesla in 2015.  All we needed to do was ship a SW update to the newest version of our platform (5.0), and the company is suddenly moving at ludicrous speed 🙂 and named as one of the fastest growing EMEA tech companies. It should go without saying, but it’s also been really fun to be part of this growth-story-in-process and rewarding to work with the global team of CTERIANS (ps. we’re hiring!).

So what’s on deck for 2016? Well, stay tuned… We’ve got lots of exciting product releases lined up, partnership activities to unveil and new customers to talk about. I’ll leave you in suspense for the time being, and only say that with the heavy marketing lifting out of the way, we’ll have more time to tell our story here.

till next time.
– jeff


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