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New Survey e-Book: The State of Enterprise Cloud Data Protection


Today we’re announcing the release of a new CTERA e-book, Game of Clouds, and with it, results of a new data protection survey of 400 enterprise IT decision makers across the United States and Europe (conducted by research firm Vanson Bourne).

Game of Clouds covers a lot of ground in enterprise data protection, including some “Stark” realities for organizations deploying and managing applications in the cloud. Sixty-six percent of respondents, for example, said their organizations place less emphasis on backing up in-cloud servers and applications than they do on-premises servers and applications. And with more than a third of respondents planing to grow their cloud initiatives by at least 25 percent, that’s a lot of cloud-based data that won’t be fully protected in the near future.

The reasoning behind this data protection lapse is two-fold, in our opinion. First, there’s a popular misconception that the cloud is inherently resilient, and that cloud providers will be able to meet enterprise requirements for the protection and availability of critical enterprise data 100 percent of the time. But as data protection analyst Jason Buffington of ESG pointed out in a recent research brief, “any calamity within that (cloud) infrastructure or suffered by that host provider would negate access to both the production data and the secondary protection data.” For many organizations, that’s not a risk they’re willing to take.

Second, there is a noticeable gap between the capabilities of traditional enterprise backup tools and the requirements of protecting IaaS-based data. CTERA SVP Marketing Jeff Denworth has dived deep on this topic, and we’ve told great stories of Fortune 100s using a born-in-the-cloud solution like CTERA to protect data and applications that sit across multiple public and private clouds.

There’s a lot more e-book data to dive into, though, including:

  • The increasing percentage of enterprise applications deployed in the cloud
  • The prevalance of hybrid cloud environments around the world
  • The data protection challenges experienced by respondents for various cloud environments

You can read today’s press release for further survey highlights, and you can download your copy of Game of Clouds here.

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