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Ransomware + cryptolocker protection that is better than backup

Minimizing ransomware exposure for user files

The LA Times has declared 2016 “the year of ransomware”, with attacks increasing 35x from $29 million extorted in all of 2015 to $209 million in the first three months of 2016. Reported victims include NASA, a NASCAR team, hospitals, and even police departments. Even innocent web surfing puts users at risk because ransomware malvertising has spread to The New York Times, the NFL, and the BBC.

Growth in ransomware

There is a surging interest in file sharing technology because it provides an easy recovery of unencrypted versions of user files and minimizes data loss.

Getting to Zero Recovery Point Objective

CTERA users have reached out to thank us after experiencing a ransomware attack because they were able to recover their data without paying the ransom. But unlike traditional backup, with CTERA you can forget the notion of laboring over your backup window and burdening your devices with heavyweight backup processes.

Our file sync & share technology provides limitless file versioning that can follow all changes. So users suffer no downtime because any locally inaccessible files are still available via copies on the back-end storage. Unprotected changes are limited to 1 MB maximum, so the recovery point of files is dramatically reduced compared to backup.

Users can easily access their files via web browsers and apps for smartphones and tablets, even while the originals have been compromised. And once you eliminate the ransomware from the system, it is easy to download the data back onto it.

CTERA file sharing and versioning screenshot

CTERA file sharing and versioning screenshot

So there you have it – nearly zero RPO and minimal disruption in the event of an attack by rampant ransomware like CryptoLocker, Tescrypt, Crowti, Fakebsod, Brolo, and Locky.

They say security has many layers, like an onion: at the core is getting back lost data. And just like an onion, if you’re working with the core you’re already crying. So make it as painless as possible with CTERA’s military-grade security and file sync & share.

Check out our webinar on Minimizing The Threat of Ransomware with Enterprise File Services.

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