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DCIG: CTERA an Ideal Alternative to NetApp FAS

Managing file services and IT infrastructure across remote locations is not easy.

IT veterans of distributed enterprises know this, thanks to years of NAS capacity upgrades and infrastructure sprawl; unreliable file services delivery; and complex data replication, backup/DR, and/or archiving processes, all with minimal or no IT staff on-site to support it.

Today, the standalone remote NAS from 1995 doesn’t cut it anymore. IT leaders across all industries know there are better ways to tackle the overwhelming growth of unstructured data, to reliably deliver distributed file services, and to enable sharing and synchronizing data across multiple sites.

It’s in this environment that we introduce a new report from storage analyst firm DCIG to help enterprises make sense of their options in managing ROBO (remote office/branch office) IT infrastructure.


Download ‘DCIG: CTERA vs. NetApp for ROBO Modernization in the Multi-Cloud Era’ today.


Specifically, the report finds CTERA to be a superior edge-to-cloud solution compared to NetApp FAS, a traditional option for organizations managing remote NAS.

DCIG analyst Ken Clipperton provides a head-to-head CTERA and NetApp FAS comparison across several ROBO technology categories, including:

The report also helps readers understand the complexity of building a remote file services solution with NetApp FAS, including licensing requirements for Cloud Sync and Cloud Tiering and other NetApp add-ons not included with the FAS appliance. CTERA Edge Filers, on the other hand, offer a fully integrated solution featuring a multi-cloud global file system, multi-site collaboration, and efficient central management of thousands of sites and devices.

Or, as DCIG’s Mr. Clipperton puts it:

“CTERA Edge Filers are ideal for ROBO modernization due to tightly integrated features that make it much simpler to purchase, deploy, and maintain compared to a solution based on NetApp FAS.”

If your distributed enterprise is dealing with online storage capacity challenges, modern collaboration constraints, and other symptoms of traditional NAS infrastructure, give this report a read today, and enjoy the sample comparison from the report below.

Want to chat about how we stack up with NetApp FAS and other legacy vendors? Drop us a line.

DCIG: “CTERA vs. NetApp FAS for ROBO Modernization in the Multi-Cloud Era”

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