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Is Your Organization GDPR Ready?

The GDPR compliance clock has been ticking for some time, but the deadline has become much more real: we are now less than three months until the new regulations kick in.

Hopefully you’ve sorted out your compliance measures, if they impact you.  But if not, don’t worry – there’s still time to beat the clock.

If you’re still in the information-gathering mode, there’s a lot of great resources out there, including this summary of the key changes, the official GDPR requirements or IDG’s CSO quick overview.

You might also visit our GDPR webpage, where you can learn how the CTERA platform enables you to solve your GDPR compliance challenges. It’s a regular topic of conversation with our customers today – the benefits of a platform approach to file services and how organizations can parlay that into a broader GDPR strategy.

Consider traditional file storage infrastructure in the enterprise, with data and files strewn across remote office file servers and employee workstations and devices. With more and more enterprises seeking to modernize file services delivery, and thereby prioritizing around a global file system that on-ramps distributed data into a centralized and sharable repository, all organizational data can then be searched, analyzed, and, as will be the case in GDPR-related requests, deleted.

It’s easy for an IT admin to comply, for instance, with a right to be forgotten request, and remove the specific file(s) from the repository and all global devices. Or to ensure the efficient and secure transfer of personal information.

If you’re interested in learning more about this modern approach to file services delivery and GDPR compliance, feel free to download our GPDR whitepaper and our GDPR compliance checklist. Until then, good luck and keep your eye on that deadline.

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