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Introducing the CTERA Edge Media Edition

The explosive data sprawl in creative content has spawned a new set of operational and productivity challenges for media and advertising companies. Today’s media firm is continually challenged by expensive capacity upgrades and effective global collaboration. Cloud holds the promise of the perfect solution, but it falls short of the high performance and application interoperability required for workloads such as high-def video rendering.

Today we are proud to announce the CTERA Edge Media Edition, a new edge filer purpose-built to address these challenges and provide creative content editors with the high-powered performance and scalability they need to facilitate collaboration and accelerate production workflows.
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Helping Media & Advertising Firms Work Overcome their Creative Content Challenges

We’re fortunate to count as customers many of the world’s leading media and advertising firms. Our work with WPP, Wunderman Thompson (JWT), Ogilvy, and many others has informed our view into how modern media content creators do their jobs, as well as the unique storage and collaboration challenges they face on a daily basis.

Those insights powered the creation of the CTERA Edge Media Edition, which is our largest and most powerful edge filer to date. Let’s look at the value of the CTERA media filer through the lens of the challenges it was built to mitigate.

(Please also note: the CTERA media filer’s features and functionality are not meant solely for media and advertising firms. The filer is also geared toward the increasing number of enterprises that have established their own media teams charged with creating and distributing high-quality digital content.)

Challenge #1: Explosive data growth

The media industry is one of the largest consumers of storage capacity, most of which is in the form of unstructured data. In particular, the surge in high-definition content, such as 4K, 8K, and 10K video, has rendered traditional storage architectures obsolete. There are only so many disks that can be thrown at the problem before you simply run out of space (and budget).

By replacing traditional NAS appliances at remote offices with cloud caching filers, media firms can gain infinite capacity while reducing storage costs. The CTERA Edge Media Edition offers a 128 TB local cache (usable capacity) for in-production media files at the edge, together with automated data tiering of infrequently accessed and non-critical files to the cloud.

Challenge #2: Maintaining edge performance

On the flip side, the elastic scalability and cost benefits of the cloud shouldn’t come at the expense of user productivity. Global content creation teams require easy, real-time access to project assets and content in the cloud as if it were stored locally. Large media files should open quickly, and all changes should automatically sync to the cloud and to the other locations.

The CTERA media filer ensures high performance large format files at the edge, with 15 Gbps CIFS/NFS connections and a hybrid disk drive tiering model with SSD and NL-SAS disk drives. That kind of performance enables customers to seamlessly render 8K video files and to support up to 25 ultra-definition video editors.

An important performance note: we’ve designed the CTERA media filer to deliver strong compatibility with macOS and Adobe creative applications, the key platforms driving productivity for media users today.

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Challenge #3: Distributed work collaboration

Gone are the days when content creation teams all work together in the same office. Today, virtual teams comprising employees and contractors are spread across the globe and need to work on projects together in a seamless manner.

To meet tight production and delivery deadlines, media firms must find ways to accelerate collaboration and workflows among their distributed creative teams. Here the totality of the CTERA media solution uniquely enables users at remote shoots to directly upload new media files to the global file system, where office/studio editors can access their files.

This alleviates time lags created between the actual filming and editing phases and also enables editors to advise filming crews on whether re-shoots are needed.

High-Performance Edge Filer for Media and Advertising

The CTERA Edge Media Edition combines high-powered local performance with intrinsic support for infinite cloud scalability and modern multi-site collaboration. Unlike traditional NAS systems, the CTERA edge filer is part of a global file system that spans multiple sites, desktops, and clouds, enabling truly distributed file services with elastic scaling and no single point of failure.

In total, the CTERA Edge Media Edition contains a rich set of features specifically built to address your media storage and production workflow challenges, including:

  • Cloud-based global file system across distributed sites and endpoints for easy and fast collaboration
  • 128TB local usable cloud cache and SSD/SAS tiering for high performance at the edge
  • macOS Spotlight integration and Adobe suite compatibility to meet your content creation needs
  • Elastic scaling with unlimited file share, stubbing and on-demand streaming from the cloud

We’re thrilled to launch the newest addition to our CTERA Edge Filer product family. The CTERA Edge Media Edition is available today as ready to modernize your media storage, collaboration, and data protection requirements.

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