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Introducing the CTERA H Series: Powerful Edge Devices for Branch IT

Today we’re announcing the expansion of our cloud storage gateway product line with faster, larger, and more flexible cloud-enabled edge filers.

We’re pleased to introduce our new CTERA H Series, designed to meet the growing needs of branch IT environments. The filers are all flash (if you want it), support up to 96TB of local storage, and employ 10GbE interfaces that can spin multiple virtual machines on the same device, which is tremendously important for large organizations.

The specifications of our gateways have evolved because the requirements of ROBO IT delivery have evolved.

Take WPP, for example.

The world’s largest communications firm operates thousands of offices and branches around the world. Users often work with large media files that need to be collaborated upon with colleagues and customers in different regions. Storing, sharing and archiving these massive files meant costly data storage investments and a cumbersome architecture to support that. For WPP, refreshing branch IT infrastructure with the same legacy approach wasn’t going to cut it.

Organizations like WPP, with increasing global footprints and data storage requirements, are looking for solutions that reduce IT complexity. They are looking for solutions that ease migration to cloud-based services. And they are looking for solutions that maintain or improve their data security and performance posture.

That’s where the new CTERA H Series Edge Filers come in play.

Our new gateways offer datacenter-scale capacity (96TB) at the edge with smart caching technology that can tier large or infrequently accessed files to the cloud for cost-effective storage. (Perfect for hybrid cloud IT initiatives BTW.) The HC series also supports up to 5,000 users – large enough for any branch location – and offer an all-flash option for enterprises seeking higher performance.

The common thread here is future-proofing. CTERA filers allow organizations to scale, in terms of number of locations, number of users, number of files – you name it. No matter how large your organization grows, the CTERA edge filers offer unparalleled scalability, performance, and flexibility in how you deploy ROBO file services, and maybe most important, help you further ease the transition from legacy infrastructure to the cloud.

With much of the enterprise market still utilizing traditional NAS, we expect the H Series to replace large swaths of NAS devices – and already it has, with many successful deployments around the world. But whether it’s WPP, J. Walter Thompson, or any other customer deploying CTERA H Series edge filers, the end result is always the same: simplified infrastructure, improved productivity and collaboration, and reduced costs.

We’ve been on this journey with hundreds of enterprise, government, and service provider organizations over the past decade. We pioneered the cloud storage gateway market in 2009, and since then have deployed more than 45,000 appliances in more than 110 countries. The CTERA H Series is the end result of technology and appliances that have gotten faster, stronger, and larger.

As well, our global support has been strengthened with the introduction of the CTERA H Series too: we now offer four-hour onsite response time. Customers call, and because of our enhanced network, we can have someone onsite to address any issue in no time.

Overcoming growth pains is always a challenge, especially when there are risks undertaking and many compromises in the way for a proper solution. We at CTERA try hard to understand those challenges and provide our customers with the best technology can bring to help them overcome those challenges.

We’d be happy to discuss today’s announcement and provide a demo at HPE Discover at our booth #192. As well, you can learn more by visiting the CTERA H Series page. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

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