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IDC Details Texas Department of State Health Services' IT-as-a-Service Transformation with CTERA

We’re happy to announce the availability of a new IDC customer spotlight that reviews a recent CTERA deployment with the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). For those unfamiliar with DSHS, its mission is to improve health and well-being across the state of Texas by providing state-operated health care services by operating hospitals, health centers, and health agencies, mental health and substance abuse care, and also influencing public policy. Employing over 12,000 health care professionals across over 500 locations, DSHS is one of the United States’ largest state health agencies and takes great care to ensure the best levels of data privacy and governance for its patients.

In this customer spotlight, IDC details how DSHS selected CTERA and Amazon to modernize file and backup services with CTERA Gateways at DSHS healthcare facilities while also enabling greater employee productivity with CTERA’s secure Enterprise File Sync and Share solution.

There are a number of interesting themes that IDC uncovers in this case study, including:

ctera idc report
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the Case Study

  • Data Privacy: CTERA enabled the greatest levels of patient data care by providing an in-firewall solution via an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) where DSHS generated and exclusively owned their encryption keys, and where all data is encrypted at the source to ensure HIPAA compliance.
  • Cost Savings: By abandoning legacy file server and backup technology (and the associated IT admin overhead), DSHS was able to save 75% ($millions) vs. their previous spend levels – that’s good for DSHS and good for Texas taxpayers.

Perhaps the greatest story told here is about the modernization of IT delivery at DSHS… The customer is now able to implement a fully-automated, internal IT service delivery model where all support is centrally provided and administered from a single ‘pane of glass’. DSHS has established clear relevance in today’s cloud market by recognizing that to compete with public SaaS services, DSHS IT needed to become its own highly-secure service provider to the rest of the agency. IDC agrees, and expects that 65% of global competitive IT strategies will require real-time cloud-based IT-as-a-Service delivery.

So – there you have it… Not only did DSHS abandon the IT model where data is siloed to a remote office, tape archive or end-user desktop; they’ve also abandoned the notion of silos of IT administration. With CTERA (and AWS) – data is securely stored, shared and accessible from anywhere, while administration is completely streamlined and centralized.

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