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IBM Think Recap: What We Learned

We’re back from another week in sunny Las Vegas and IBM Think. With another great IBM event now in the books, it’s a good time to reflect on what we learned at the conference in our IBM Think recap.

Cloud security remains paramount. From CEO Ginny Rometty’s keynote to IBM product announcements to the conversations we had with enterprise customers on the show floor, data security in the cloud was top of mind across the event. Every organization wants to realize the benefits of cloud technologies, but not at the expense of losing control over their data. IBM announced several new cloud security features, including new data encryption services for cloud-hosted applications. IBM’s cloud security strategy is in lockstep with CTERA’s unrelenting focus on data security and privacy in the cloud era.

IBM is all-in on multi-cloud. More than 85 percent of enterprises are expected to adopt a ‘multi-cloud’ architecture by the end of this year, according to IDC, and IBM announced several new capabilities to support enterprises in this area. New cloud migration functionalities, container support, and cloud integration technologies aim to support enterprise customers on their multi-cloud journey. All of the above aligns very well with CTERA’s vision for multi-cloud strategies that can increase user security and maximize efficiencies. It’s why we partner with IBM to deliver secure file services that span public, private, and hybrid clouds. You can learn more about IBM’s multi-cloud announcements in this blog post.

WPP has standardized on CTERA and IBM as its creative data storage engine. OK, maybe we knew about this going into Think, but in a breakout session on Tuesday the leader of WPP’s data architecture and governance team explained why CTERA and IBM were the right choice for WPP’s digital transformation initiatives. Armin Razavi presented to a packed room how CTERA was able to solve the global communication firm’s specific challenges for high performance, high capacity, and high availability creative content authoring and distribution across global sites. It was a truly informative session, but if you couldn’t join us live, you can watch the video here.

What did you think of IBM Think? Did you get a chance to stop by our booth? If you have any questions or would like to continue the conversation about CTERA and IBM driving cloud transformation for enterprises, drop us a line.

That’s a wrap – for now. We’ll be back on the road very soon for more industry events and hope to see you there. Talk soon!

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