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Great Days For Gateways

After quietly shipping these enhanced capabilities for some time, we’re happy to finally make public the availability of an all-new refreshed Cloud Storage Gateway portfolio. As the company continues to grow, our R&D team has been ramping up to support the development of the CTERA Platform to support the advanced requirements of CTERA’s enterprise and service provider customer community.  If you missed the news, here’s the cheat sheet:

Update 1: CTERA Expands Gateway Capacity By 4x

We’ve re-engineered the file management model to support bigger and bigger requirements at the edge.  Today, a CTERA Gateway can now serve up to 64TB per appliance.  This expanded capacity support now scales to support  the needs of virtually any remote or branch office (ROBO) file and backup requirement.blog_GW_comparison

What I like about this announcement most is that the file management model essentially extends the utility of the gateway to now support file/folder tiering. Since v5.0, we’ve featured the ability to selectively stage files on and off of CTERA’s Cloud Storage Gateways.  If you’re a customer – head on over to your “Cloud Services” tab in your Gateway admin console and if your users have CTERA Enterprise File Sync & Share accounts, the Gateway essentially becomes an extension of a tiered, petabyte-scale file management environment. It’s now simple to selectively decide what folders and shared projects you want “Synced with this device” and what should stay “on cloud”.


Update #2. CTERA Now Offers Virtual Appliances

Yes, it’s true.  We’ve stripped off all of our HW and laid bare before the world new Gateway offerings that are simply virtual machine images for VMware and KVM environments. There’s a series of customer benefits from this update:

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CTERA Gateways Support On-Site Failover

In addition to offering instant share/drive failover via our remote Cloud Drive, we now support highly resilient configurations by leveraging VM HA and shared storage


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Consolidate & Converge Your Office

CTERA Gateways are ideal for organizations who want to combine multiple services onto a single server.  It’s easy to combine file, print, DHCP, firewall and domain services.


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Configure Gateways For High Performance

With virtual gateways, you the customer are in the driver seat and have the option to add as much CPU, RAM and networking that you need to power your applications.


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Leverage Your Trusted HW Partners

With new CTERA virtual gateways, you can leverage your trusted HW provider to manage global logistics and local support for remote regions.[one_half_last padding=”5px 20px 5px 20px”][/one_half_last]

After selling over 40,000 appliances (virtual and physical), we’re happy to enable organizations to use CTERA gateways in so many new ways. What’s most exciting is that all of these announcements set the stage for even bigger developments in the future.

Until then…

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