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GigaOm: CTERA is the Distributed Cloud File Storage Leader

Today we announce another industry validation of our world-class global file system technology: the undisputed leadership position in the 2021 GigaOm Radar for Distributed Cloud File Storage.

We’re incredibly proud that our platform achieved the highest ranks for distributed cloud file storage. And as a software company that prefers, as a Boston rock band once proclaimed, to let the music do the talking, we rely less on unsubstantiated and braggadocious marketing claims and more on reputable industry experts to validate our vision for enterprise file services.

GigaOm Radars serve as a measuring stick for the strategy and execution of vendor solutions in wide-ranging technology areas. Built on well-defined criteria and metrics, the Radar makes it easy for IT leaders to draw the line on the vendors most aligned to their needs today and 12-18 months down the road.

If you’re new to CTERA, welcome. We help distributed organizations modernize traditional file storage and collaboration. Covid made distributed file storage more of an IT priority than ever. Enterprises are restructuring how corporate users access, share, and collaborate on files in an increasingly hybrid work environment. To be identified by GigaOm as the company best positioned to lead enterprises into the new era of file storage is not something we take lightly.

(For a deeper look at our platform, check out the recordings of our appearance at Storage Field Day 22 last month, or read an excellent recap by storage influencer and #sfd22 delegate Ray Lucchessi.)

Livin’ on the Edge

As the Radar explains, NAS architectures built for traditional corporate environments are no longer scalable. Enterprises are livin’ on the edge – in branches, in satellite offices, in WFH environments – and files need to be available everywhere and to everyone, as well as protected from ransomware.

CTERA’s global file system technology connects core, branch, and remote workers to a single namespace powered by cloud object storage. This allows companies like WPP, W.L. Gore, Festo, and Carlyle to extend the corporate file system to the far edge of the network while maintaining centralized data control.

That’s the baseline of our technology, but GigaOm dives deep into the weeds to determine Radar positioning and help IT leaders make the right choices for their organizations. Here’s the CliffsNotes version of GigaOm’s key findings in CTERA’s platform and what it takes to be the leader:

  • Comprehensive edge support. CTERA is “the absolute leader in terms of edge deployment capabilities, providing organizations with the highest flexibility, enabling simplified edge data access and offering comprehensive edge deployment options,” says the GigaOm team. We don’t have much to add to that, other than the incredible file infrastructure consolidation that’s possible: no third-party file sharing tools for remote users; no bolt-on solutions for mediating between filers and endpoints; and no separate backup products needed.
  • Supreme data efficiency. We move files faster from edge to cloud than any other vendor in the Radar. GigaOm notes the “excellent high-throughput, low-latency capabilities” of our proprietary data transfer protocol, which enables superior responsiveness for remote users as well as incredible performance for data-rich workloads like those in the media industries.
  • Unparalleled security. CTERA is the only cloud global file system built on a zero-trust architecture, something every IT leader is focused on in an era when enterprise attack surfaces are bigger than ever. CTERA also offers integration with leading SSO and ID management tools; 2FA for file sharing; robust ransomware mitigation tools; comprehensive audit logging; FIPS 140-2 certification; and all other GigaOm security criteria.

The New Era of File Storage

All of this speaks to how distributed cloud file storage is enabling some of the most pressing IT use cases and priorities for the next decade.

Want to consolidate file storage with a centralized ‘golden copy’ of files and enable seamless collaboration across distributed geographies?
You can.

Want to extend your corporate file system to any user without their needing a VPN or high-speed internet?
You can.

Want to recover from ransomware attacks in minutes?
You can.

All of this and more is why we’re incredibly excited by the opportunity in front of us to enable the enterprise transition to a new era of work.

Meanwhile we’re tracking toward a record year for the business, and we today power the file storage of more than 50,000 distributed locations and millions of corporate devices worldwide. And, in addition to Radar leader status, we’ve been on an incredible run on industry accolades (see the graphic nearby).

We couldn’t have achieved any of this alone. It’s not lost on us is the impact our customers and partners have had on our success, and how their insight and collaboration have driven the innovation within the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform. A heartfelt thank you from all of us at CTERA to all of you.

Start Your Cloud File Journey

Get your copy of the 2021 GigaOm Radar for Distributed Cloud File Storage today.

When you’re ready, ping us for a demo or even take a free trial on your own. When it comes to file storage, CTERA is not the same old song and dance.

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