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Gartner Drops the 2015 EFSS Magic Quadrant. Hello ... CTERA !

gartner 2015“Started from the bottom now we’re here”- Drake, 2012

CTERA’s Platform offers a centralized approach to integrate and manage remote-office storage, backup, file access and sharing, data protection and governance as a viable option for enterprises that focus on data sovereignty and data governance, and that want to deploy EFSS capabilities in a local data center or virtual private cloud.

A little context around our choice of quotes today:

  • 2004 – FSS vendors start emerging into the market (eg. Yousendit)
  • 2012 – CTERA begins production shipment of its first EFSS release
  • 2012-2015 – CTERA’s EFSS solution is selected by tens of thousands of business customers, including enterprise-wide deployments at Fortune 100 companies
  • 2015 – In a market consisting of ~150 FSS vendors, CTERA joins an elite list of 16 vendors on the Gartner Magic Quadrant as a recommended vendor for pure private, behind-the-firewall enterprise file sync & share solutions

Gartner MQ 2015

Download the Gartner 2015 Enterprise File Sync and Share Magic Quadrant Report



There’s no denying the EFSS market is a hot space.  With nearly 150 vendors that are tracked by IT analysts – Gartner had their work cut out for them narrowing their focus on the companies that have the right combination of product vision and execution.  To realize the accomplishment of making it onto this list among our viable competitors after arriving on the scene as much as 7 years after our peers, well… CTERA is proud to say we’re doing something right.

The 2015 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise File Sync and Share. The elite of the elite.

Even 16 vendors is a lot to choose from, and we thought we’d take a moment to highlight CTERA’s value on the MQ, as well as our strengths and capabilities that are tracked by other Gartner analysts as part of CTERA’s unified platform for Enterprise File Services.

1. CTERA Makes a True Platform for Web-Scale, IT-as-a-Service Delivery of EFSS

More than just offering a pure private solution as an afterthought, CTERA’s Enterprise File Services Platform features a multi-tenant service orchestration platform that automates all aspects of user provisioning, management, monitoring and billing.  Moreover, unlike other solutions that offer a private solution (maybe a VM image that expects enterprise NAS storage as the target) as an afterthought – CTERA’s EFSS has the broadest support for on-premises and public cloud object storage APIs to give organizations complete choice on their software-defined-storage agenda.

To put it in context, when we deliver 100Ks of licenses to financial services customers (example here), the IT-as-a-Service transformation is a critical part of the CTERA value.

2. CTERA Addresses a Much Broader Spectrum of Use Cases Than Just EFSS

While the new Gartner report does not rank vendors according to their data protection or ROBO offering, this is a unique capability that only CTERA brings to the 2015 MQ.  EFSS is one approach to managing files in the enterprise – but data on systems must also be protected – this is where CTERA’s data protection tools and cloud storage gateways provide a holistic and hybrid-cloud approach to user files, projects and backups from any device– all from a unified system that can be deployed entirely from within a customer’s firewall, addressing enterprise-wide data privacy and security considerations.

3. CTERA’s Hybrid Approach to EFSS Provides LAN-Speed Access to Cloud Files

Bandwidth to the edge can be inconsistent – and if an EFSS project is intended to replace local office home directories or local collaboration systems (a la Microsoft Sharepoint), users can not lose productivity due to workflow latencies injected by direct-to-cloud EFSS solutions. Unique to CTERA, enterprises can establish a remote office managed storage tier for their EFSS environment where users can leverage a cost-effective cloud storage gateway to access files and projects at local speeds without having to sync their entire file and project data to the desktop.

In summary, on behalf of our entire team, we’d like to extend a warm thank you to Gartner for recognizing all our hard work and the validation from CTERA enterprise customers.  We’ve covered a lot of ground in 12 months, and as the business grows by leaps and bounds, we’re even more excited to talk with customers about our vision of the future of business productivity and the value of a holistic, IT-as-a-Service approach to secure, private enterprise file services.

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