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Gartner 2016 EFSS MQ: EFSS Is Dead, All Hail EFSS

It’s that time of year again, where the collective minds at Gartner sharpen their pen and cast their votes on EFSS providers based upon market and technology leadership.  You can download the report from Gartner here.

Gartner also makes some ominous predictions in their report, specifically that 70% of the EFSS ‘destination’ vendors they track  will cease to exist in less than 2 years.  Moreover, they see the market splitting into two segments:

  • Content, Collaboration and Workflow Solutions: Box, Dropbox, Intralinks are examples here
  • Data Infrastructure Modernization Providers: Syncplicity, Citrix Sharefile and CTERA are examples

CTERA fully agrees that these are divergent technology end-states and, moreover, we think that they can and will coexist in enterprise environments of the future, much like file servers and Microsoft SharePoint co-existed in the past. Gartner, in a related report (Market Guide for Cloud Storage Gateways, November 2015 – download a free copy here), discussed the continuum that stretches from enterprise user storage to enterprise content management… and if we layer CTERA’s strategy across this continuum it’s clear we’re addressing a broad and natural progression from /home shares to EFSS and file mobility.

Gartner Storage Continuum

CTERA’s comprehensive focus on data infrastructure modernization has resulted in the industry’s only solution that combines a full-featured EFSS utility with edge storage appliances that offer NAS support – the only solution to combine legacy modes of file access with next-generation cloud-based file sharing. Only CTERA provides users and IT organizations with a a seamless solution where customers can chose one mode of deployment (gateways, secure file sharing) or both and make the smooth transition on their terms.

And, oh… BTW, you can deploy this all as software from your cloud of choice as well as bring your own cloud storage:

  • Your users get the advantage of global access and local acceleration.
  • You save.
  • Your data is ultimately secure and sovereign.

Hopefully this helped put things into perspective.  We look forward to talking with customers about what’s in and what’s beyond this year’s EFSS Magic Quadrant and how EFSS is a component of a larger file management and collaboration agenda in the enterprise.

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