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Efficient Data Protection for the Distributed Enterprise

The upcoming release of the iPhone X might be considered a national holiday by the most fervent Apple fans, but to me, what’s most interesting about this launch is the record price tag ($1,000). Apple is betting that consumers will associate high price with high quality.

Contrast these shiny new consumer gadgets to the world of enterprise data storage, where the ongoing race to zero amongst cloud vendors is chic and pushing the price of storage to record lows. But at the same time, big data storage appliances built for backup, archiving, and disaster recovery still represent large IT investments, with entry prices that can start in the tens of thousands of dollars – and range much higher.

I suspect these big storage machines’ prices will edge lower and lower over time, pushed by the low cost of cloud storage and edge appliances that can seamlessly tier data to the cloud.

In fact, it’s happening right now, with CTERA cloud storage gateways blazing a trail. This summer we announced new caching technology in our branch office appliances, which is opening a new world of data protection, tiering, and archiving opportunities for CTERA customers. We added caching to our appliances at no extra cost, allowing organizations and offices of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of infinite local file capacity.

We’ve essentially enabled “bottomless backup” in the office, or infinite storage at the edge.

Here’s how it works: a media company or a medical organization for example can use a CTERA gateway as a data ingest point for large media files, and load dozens of terabytes onto the appliance and automatically tier it off to the cloud or object storage backend of their choice for archive or geo-distribution purposes. The cycle repeats as long as the organization has data to back up to the gateway.

Consider this an alternative to the $100K appliance you’ve been considering for branch storage or archiving. Whereas the big storage machines are built with high cost Flash storage and require expensive server technology – upwards of $1,000 per raw TB of capacity – CTERA gateways range from 1/3 to 1/10th the cost of competing appliances from Microsoft, NetApp, and others.

And that’s just the tiering use case – setting aside the other TCO reduction elements that the CTERA gateway brings in the form of file server/NAS, bundled endpoint and server backup licenses, mobile access, and cross-site collaboration, as we discussed in a previous post comparing CTERA to Microsoft.

We think enterprises are tired of the big storage appliances – tired of the acquisition cost, tired of the refresh cycles, tired of maintaining multiple point solutions for backup and storage. If you’re looking to modernize your branch office infrastructure with appliances and technology that’s much more cost-effective and efficient, give us a call. Perhaps on your new iPhone X.

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