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Edge to Cloud: Making It Real at Dell Technologies World 2018

The CTERA team is back after a productive and energetic week at Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas.

As a longtime partner of Dell EMC, we get a lot of value from sponsoring and attending their annual premier technology conference, where customers, partners, and industry influencers come together to discover new products, meet new people, and collaborate with one another.

The theme of this year’s Dell Technologies World, “Make It REAL,” resonated across the entire event, with new Dell EMC storage products that attendees could see and touch, and impressive games like virtual Pong and a 1-on-1 soccer game versus a goalkeeper powered by motion sensors. (This blogger never did see a goal scored.)

Our World Chat Session at Dell Tech World

“Make It REAL” also encapsulated CTERA’s well-attended speaking session on Wednesday afternoon, which focused on bridging the edge and cloud. We examined the current data landscape and the challenges with unstructured data management, and discussed data generation and requirements at the network edge (that is, outside the datacenter, in the “real world”).

Unstructured data management at the edge has been a focus of storage IT professionals for some time, but the types of data and the “things” generating this data are evolving. Not only are users creating more data at the edge than ever before – thanks largely to mobile devices that make it easy to take photos and videos and send email and texts – but the explosion of connected things like smart appliances, robotic devices, and autonomous cars are driving an enormous amount of data generation at the edge.

And so how organizations can bridge that edge data with the cloud for distribution, analytics, and other digital management becomes a key focus. How can we manage edge challenges like latency, bandwidth, and privacy? How can we deliver cloud services to the edge without impacting security or performance? How can we “Make It Real” – this next generation of connected things and cloud-to-edge-based services?

It’s something that CTERA and Dell EMC have been working on for some time. Our partnership delivers a platform that pushes cloud services to the network edge while serving as a forcing function, or gravity, that moves edge-based data to the cloud (be it an on-premises deployment or a hosted model through Dell EMC’s wide choice of cloud delivery models). By leveraging caching, deduplication, and compression technologies in our smart edge devices for offices and endpoints, our platform delivers the industry’s most secure and efficient means to replicate or tier data to the cloud while conversely extending cloud-based services to the edge.

Suffice it to say, this is a challenging, but really exciting time for enterprise data storage, and the people we met with at our session and our booth said as much as well. We are proud to partner with Dell EMC on these new opportunities within the evolving data landscape, and we invite you to call us if we can be of service.

We’ll talk again as we come up to our next event roadtrip.  Until then – happy spring from the CTERA team!


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