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CTERA’s Enterprise Data Services Platform: 5.0

5.0 UIServices that users will love, on the devices that they use every day, where data follows the user & governance follows the data.

After quietly shipping 5.0 for some time, we’re happy today to finally take the covers off of CTERA’s most ambitious product launch ever and some new customers who love it.


“The Complete Enterprise Data Services Platform”
Yes, that’s quite a bold claim. Let us explain…

In 2008, CTERA was founded with a vision enabling organizations to deploy a single, comprehensive solution for online and offline data storage, data protection and data governance all from the secure cloud of their choice. Today, this 7-year vision is realized via a product announcement that features over 100 new features that CTERA has had in development for over 24 months. While other vendors announce things like online preview support or Microsoft Outlook integration, it’s important to note that these are essentially footnotes in a much larger story CTERA is unveiling this week with 5.0. With 100+ new capabilities, 5.0 is arguably the most feature-packed single product update of any cloud storage technology in recent times.

logos 5launchSo – we’ve completed our initial plans, but what does this matter to the customer? 5.0 is also the most complete solution for today’s enterprise organizations who are transforming their business through IT-as-a-Service delivery. In support of this statement, we’re happy to point to a number of recent marquee, public announcements made by customers and partners who are vigorously adopting CTERA technology across the enterprise… organizations such as the Céline, a LVMH company, Live Nation, Texas Department of State Health Services, Unisys , and a yet-to-be-named large financial services firm who recently chose CTERA’s Platform to support over 50,000 employees.

With over 100 new features, drilling into details on any one specific capability is difficult, so we’ve been talking about the release in terms of high-level organizational benefits:

5.0 Features A Beautiful, Productive UI That Users Love To Use
The new UI is featured above, but it goes well beyond just graphics.  With an all new, simplified file and collaboration management approach, tons of new productivity capabilities, lots more integration with the desktop, and a consumer-grade, easy-to-use interface – CTERA has broken down the barriers for organizations who want to drive the adoption of highly-secure file services that can be deployed 100% in-firewall.

  • Feel free to watch the our UI walkthrough here

Users Can Now Store, Sync, Protect and Collaborate Anywhere: Online or Offline

5.0 represents the full integration of CTERA’s Cloud Storage Gateways with our other data services (enterprise file sync and share, and backup).  As cloud-based EFSS is continually positioned to be the evolution beyond NAS home directories and SharePoint, one critical gap has been created in that remote office users have difficulty using cloud storage for large files and projects that can’t be synced to the desktop.  With 5.0, Gateways can be synced to the edge of the network and projects can be replicated across gateways – so the EFSS user experience is always the most responsive and content distribution is now a breeze.
Enable users to access files from anywhere on every device


5.0 Enables Users To Access Files From any device; Physical or Virtual

In addition to announcing an app for Windows phone (smartphone support: complete), we’ve also announced the availability of a WebDAV connector for Virtual Desktops (VDI) where organizations can now store user documents directly into CTERA and the object storage of their choice, saving 50-90% vs. NAS or Flash (respectively) and also eliminating VDI information silos by enabling sync across multiple devices (physical & virtual).

Enables Users to access from any device physical or virtual


With 5.0, IT Organizations Can Now Govern, Protect and Secure Data Everywhere

With all of this – an organization can now centralize all data from the most remote offices, regardless of the device it’s been created with.  If users adopt the services IT endorses, CTERA’s Platform becomes a store of data and access history that can be used to expose dark data and achieve the highest degrees of organizational insight and mobility.  To that end, we’ve opened up the platform to now support AV/Malware scanning, Data Loss Prevention, Enterprise Mobility Management and more.  Our ecosystem efforts are just starting, and the focus is on enabling the greatest amount of choice for our customers.

Ecosystem 5.0 Diagram

That’s 5.0 in a nutshell:  Services that users will love, on the devices that they use every day… where data follows the user, and governance follows the data.

Data follows the user via data services they love to useWe at CTERA believe that the ease of use and productivity improvements from our data services are highly reciprocal to data governance.  If an IT organization can’t deliver something that’s easy to use and that also satisfies the entirety of organizational security and regulatory policy, users will never be able to focus on one solution.

No Adoption = No Data.  No Data = No Governance.
Today, CTERA singularly provides the comprehensive answer to this problem.

We invite you to try out the CTERA Data Services Platform and experience the solution for yourself.  Visit and download a free demo account for 60 days with just the click of a button.


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