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A Platform For Hybrid Cloud Enterprise File Services

We are honored to be a featured partner alongside the IBM Cloud Object Storage team as part of IBM’s Signature Moment for storage. Today’s event provictera-ibm-headerdes a public face to a partnership that IBM and CTERA have been developing together over the past several quarters. We’ve joined forces to combine two industry-leading cloud storage solutions into an enterprise-ready platform for secure and accelerated enterprise file services. The combined solution aligns perfectly with CTERA’s enterprise customer security and deployment requirements, as IBM provides the only object storage solution that can be deployed either from a customer’s data center, from a SoftLayer private cloud, or any hybrid configuration.

This “full-stack” secure and accelerated file sharing and data protection solution enables us to together address key challenges that our enterprise customers are facing every day, specifically:

  • Data Security:  the combined solution avoids the security and data privacy challenges of shared SaaS services and can be deployed entirely within a customer’s secure firewall.  At a time when the Dropbox hack is forcing a IT security re-think across the enterprise, customers avoid SaaS security issues altogether with CTERA and IBM.
  • Global Access, Local Performance. CTERA file sharing and data protection can extend IBM Cloud Object Storage to remote offices and persist data at the edge of the network to overcome latency and availability issues.
  • Instant Recoverability. The combined IBM + CTERA solution features infinite file and backup versioning on IBM Object Storage to cost-effectively recover files in case of a device loss, office outage or ransomware attack.

integratedMoreover, we’re happy to also announce that IBM has come onboard as a global provider of CTERA technology.  Our strategic partnership offers enterprise clients a one-stop shop that combines CTERA file services solutions with IBM Cloud Object Storage (either on-prem or via IBM SoftLayer), into one integrated and fully supported offering that is delivered entirely by IBM.

We’ve already delivered solutions to several of the world’s largest and most secure enterprise IT organizations, and we’re just getting started. An example of our joint success can be found in our deployment at DISA. The CTERA + IBM solution addresses a horizontal collection of vertical industries with a number of use cases that can jump-start object storage initiatives:

  • Private Enterprise File Sharing and Collaboration
  • Office File Sharing and Backup Modernization
  • Endpoint Data Protection
  • Cloud Server Data Protection



In summary, customers have never had more of a trusted solution to modernize their data infrastructures. The combined solution provides strong and unique value to a market that is increasingly demanding versatile enterprise file services that can be securely deployed within a customer’s network.

We look forward to socializing more of our success stories soon. Until then, feel free to reach out to IBM or CTERA with any more questions about this strategic partnership.

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