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Why CTERA is Offering Free Backup to Fight Ransomware

CTERA is offering free endpoint backup licenses to help any organization fight ransomware. Full details can be found here: 

Last Friday was a nightmare for hundreds of organizations around the world. WannaCry, the latest and most devastating ransomware strain, crippled enterprises and brought global business to a screeching halt, as networks and file systems in 150+ countries were locked by attackers.

The source of these attacks is still murky, but what we do know is that for many organizations, the damage has been done. They may have suffered catastrophic data loss or been forced to pay the ransom. At the least, hours and even days of productivity were lost.

We at CTERA have been helping customers recover from and protect against ransomware for years. But WannaCry’s global impact on Friday and into this week shows we and other ransomware protection providers have much work to do. The reality is that these the attacks will continue; it is a simple and efficient business model for attackers, and organizations globally struggle to protect themselves from malware and user error, i.e. clicking the wrong link or opening the wrong file. Our belief is that if you can’t prevent a ransomware attack, you at least need to be able to recover from one.

That’s why this week we’ve announced that any organization can install for free our endpoint backup agents for user PCs, Macs, and workstations – and start to build a stronger ransomware mitigation strategy. With CTERA Endpoint Backup installed on your users’ machines, you can at least rest easy knowing that if an endpoint device becomes infected, you can roll back to a previously uninfected state with little to no data loss. You also enjoy the benefits of a modern cloud-based solution with self-service tools for users and WAN-optimized data transfers that make ransomware backup strategies that much more efficient.

(Screenshots of CTERA Endpoint Backup administrator Portal)

This is what we do. CTERA offers an Enterprise File Services Platform, with cloud data protection and recovery as a strong pillar of that platform. We’ve worked with many companies to help them recover from ransomware attacks, including:


The Department of State Health Services in Texas suffered a ransomware attack that locked 30,000 files. With CTERA, they recovered quickly and did not lose a single file.


Live Nation was using state of the art firewall and AV software, but a user downloaded a virus too new to be caught that resulted in the encryption of 10,000s of files across PCs and local file shares at a local office. With CTERA, Live Nation managed to roll back their files to a healthy state in less than 4 hours and lost zero files in the process.

S.J. Louis Construction had all of its current contract work and all previous project files crypto-locked by hackers who demanded $100K for their data. The breach encrypted $200M USD of future project data. Without proper remediation they may not have been in business today.


Additional resources:

Ransomware is not a new topic for us. We’ve created a lot of content that help guide your mitigation strategies:

If you’re unsure if your organization can recover from the next wave of ransomware attacks, please do take us up on our offer to protect your endpoints today. The only way we can put an end to this epidemic is by building the right safeguards that eliminate enterprise vulnerability, which will end the need to pay cyber-criminals to access our data and our systems.

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