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CTERA at Military Network Modernization 2017

Just because the military needs to keep data private doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have the same easy file sharing that consumers enjoy. That’s why DISA selected CTERA to provide private file sync-and-share for their storage infrastructure modernization project.

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Private File Sync Use Case

Last week CTERA was at NETMOD 2017, demonstrating how defense organizations can adopt the latest cloud technologies while meeting stringent security and privacy requirements. The demo included file sharing, cloud backup and NAS modernization, which when used together can transform the way that users collaborate.

And, we know that high security is just table stakes when providing military-grade software. But CTERA has already met those standards and proven our technology to multiple defense organizations and governments.

Our approach is fully private so that there are no dependencies or exposures outside your secure network, minimizing the attack surface area. Our software has already been validated for FIPS 140-2 compliance by an accredited lab. And we have policies that prevent oversharing. 

Thank you for stopping by our booth at the show!

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