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Introducing the CTERA Edge X Series: Unified Edge Compute and Multi-Cloud Data Management

Today we are very pleased to introduce the CTERA Edge X Series, a first-of-its-kind hyperconverged cloud gateway. Developed in partnership with HPE, the X Series integrates CTERA Edge Filer technology with HPE SimpliVity hyperconvergence. This brings to market an out-of-the-box solution that solves a wide range of infrastructure and data management challenges at the edge of the enterprise.

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CTERA Edge Filer Evolution

CTERA Edge Filers have long been the standard in cloud storage gateways – in fact, we created the market in 2009. Since then we have sold more than 50,000 cloud storage gateways worldwide, a figure that’s 10X greater than any other vendor’s total.

Our early focus was small ROBO (remote office / branch office) sites and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Our customer focus has evolved over the years to the world’s largest and most distributed enterprises as we’ve made our filers bigger, faster, and smarter.

We’ve evolved our filers in several ways. First, we improved our intelligent file caching capabilities to help organizations further leverage the power of cloud economics and intelligently tier data to low-cost object storage – without impacting the availability or performance of their files.

Then we introduced the CTERA Edge H Series, which took our filers to the next level – more capacity, more performance, more power. Today the H Series powers the edge-to-cloud file services delivery of
large organizations like WPP, the Carlyle Group, JWT, and so many others.

Today’s announcement of the CTERA Edge X Series reflects the increasing enterprise preference for hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), which has gained significant traction in the enterprise with industry estimates predicting a $17 billion market by 2023.

The Appeal of the Hyperconverged Cloud Gateway

Hyperconvergence is an appealing option for enterprises that have traditionally managed multiple applications across multiple servers. HCI solutions such as HPE SimpliVity consolidate infrastructure into a single system that reduces costs and makes everything easier to manage.

X SeriesThe same principles apply to global file systems, which connect siloed data islands into a single namespace, and replace expensive NAS and file servers with modern edge filers that perform smart cloud tiering.

The CTERA Edge X Series represents the best of both worlds, unifying hyperconverged edge computing with edge-to-cloud file services and multi-cloud data management. It’s everything needed for the distributed enterprise.

The CTERA Edge X Series represents the highest-performing gateway in the market today. Consider these topline features:

  • Built-in edge compute and distributed file services: A unified system that extends the cloud and bring core computing closer to compute-intensive applications and data
  • Triple data redundancy: Two highly available local units that sync data locally with additional replication to private cloud storage
  • Local and cloud deduplication: Complete data efficiency to optimize storage and network costs
  • All-flash performance: Configurations of nine or 12 SSDs and up to 40 TB usable local cache

CTERA Edge X Series Use Cases

ROBO File Services

All CTERA Edge Filers enable distributed enterprises to centrally manage remote file services from edge to cloud. The CTERA Edge X Series takes it a (big) step further, with a hyperconverged system that offers data management and edge computing in a single solution. This enables organizations with 10s, 100s, and even 1,000s of remote sites to consolidate hardware, Tier 1 applications, and multi-cloud data management services into unified ROBO IT systems that sit at the edge.

With support for 5,000 users and triple data redundancy/HA, the X Series provides the performance guarantees required by enterprises with widely dispersed global locations.

VDI File Services

The X Series also can be quite useful within VDI environments. In this case, the X Series serves as the local storage target for VDI clients and exposes a CIFS connection to user desktops and profiles to deliver a high-performance user file experience. Another significant benefit is cost savings. Here the X Series’s local and cloud deduplication reduces storage capacity requirements, and its multi-cloud data management capabilities enable data tiering offsite. This can drive a big impact on the ROI of a VDI deployment.

We are excited to start the next great chapter in CTERA history with the world’s first hyperconverged cloud gateway. The CTERA Edge X Series is available today and ready to power your infrastructure and application modernization initiatives.

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