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CTERA 6.0: Welcome to All Access

CTERA 6.0, our biggest product launch in years, is here – welcome to the party!

Here’s your all access pass, and it’s not just a token badge to discard at the end of the show; it’s the theme that drives the innovation in 6.0, namely the distributed caching technologies that deliver just that: All Access.

All access to all of your files.

All access from any office gateway or user device to a global namespace.

All access permissions and experiences seamlessly migrated from existing platforms.

Excited? Think of this post as your backstage pass to everything 6.0. Come on in; party’s just getting started.


If CTERA 5.0 was the foundational product release that married IT governance with user-friendly productivity, think of CTERA 6.0 as the release that combines infinite file capacity with hybrid access – all with the highest levels of security and simplest manner of data migration.

Infinite file access means just that: users have access to any number of files directly from the desktop. No longer are users beholden to local storage restraints or web-based file sharing tools that lack the feel and familiarity of network drives. With CTERA 6.0 users access their organization’s global namespace and edit, share, and collaborate on any cloud-based folder or file while requiring the bare minimum of local storage space on their machines. What’s more, this capability extends to both office and roaming users, thanks to another 6.0 innovation…

Hybrid access. An industry first, CTERA delivers caching technology on both branch storage gateways and endpoint devices. This means that no matter how users work – in an office, on the road, or both – CTERA 6.0 delivers the highest levels of performance for file access and storage optimization. And since users are accustomed to native OS file experiences like Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, and admins often painstakingly create and maintain folder structures or access control lists (ACLs)…

… File access permissions and experiences can be easily migrated from legacy systems with CTERA 6.0. This was an important consideration as we developed 6.0: cloud transformation in the enterprise is inevitable, but organizations want to preserve the existing file system structures preferred by both IT and users. And all of the above aligns with a fundamental tenet of the CTERA vision: there can be no IT governance without user adoption. In 6.0 users natively access files the way they always have – only now, those datasets support an infinite number of files. And IT admins don’t need to recreate the wheel when it comes to ACLs; they take what they have with them. No learning curves, no headaches.

But of course, none of the above innovations squares with the agenda of a security-conscious enterprise IT organization without the ability to ensure the highest levels of data residency and control. And for that, 6.0 continues in the long line of CTERA versions before it, providing…

100% secure access to your cloud, on the private or hybrid storage infrastructure of your choice, where you and you alone own the file services components critical to control of enterprise data: your files, metadata, encryption keys, and authentication processes. It’s why organizations like the U.S. Department of Defense, Santander, and The Carlyle Group trust CTERA to enable their cloud file services agendas.

That’s the 6.0 story in a nutshell. For more information on what’s new in 6.0, we have a lot of additional content elsewhere on this site, where you can access demo videos, learn more about expanded use cases for the CTERA platform like archiving and tiering, and find other helpful information.

One last thing before you go mingle: 6.0 caching technology has been added to the CTERA platform at no extra cost. With caching historically an expensive TCO proposition for enterprise IT organizations, CTERA 6.0 provides a “caching for the masses” element that’s been missing for some time from the market, we believe. And even better, you can try us for free for 60 days.

So welcome – to the party, to 6.0, and to All Access. We’re glad you’re here.

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