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A Platform Designed for Cloud Server Data Protection


If you’ve read my last post about the challenges of bringing traditional tools to the cloud party, you know that there’s a big hurdle to get over in order to implement a cost-effective, secure and scalable solution for in-cloud data protection.

2nd Cloud Server BlogWe’re very pleased today to announce our solution for cloud-native server and application data protection. The solution is simply named: CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection – and this use case extends the capabilities that the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform can power for today’s modern enterprise.

I’m not going to use this blog post to just list the features of the solution – that’s what we make solution sheets for. The solution overview can be downloaded by clicking the image to the left.

Data center data protection is a market that is 30+ years old now, and is full of vendors big and small, so today I am going to explain the problems we’re focused on and why we think that CTERA is an ideal solution to backup any cloud, to any cloud all from your secure cloud infrastructure of choice:

  1. Traditional backup tools are too dependent on hypervisor, and don’t apply well to IaaS
    • The last 10 years of virtual server backup tools need to be thrown out when applications get deployed on IaaS services because they don’t provide hypervisor access
    • Our platform features file-level and application backup tools that are deployable in any Windows or Linux guest OS2
  2. Traditional backup management is labor intensive, customers are too reliant on admins
    • CTERA backup services are requested, provisioned, charged back, all by APIs
    • CTERA’s platform can automatically discover servers to back up and assign backup processes according to IT policy
    • Customers are projecting a 75% reduction in headcount requirements as they scale up
  3. Traditional backup tools aren’t designed for web-scale deployment and security isolation
    • CTERA backup services are multi-tenant, global administrators have zero data access
    • CTERA’s platform can support 10,000s of tenants, tenants generate and owns their keys
    • Granular, user-defined security ensures that admins can never mistakenly restore sensitive data to the wrong user
  4. Traditional backup tools don’t natively support cloud storage infrastructure
    • Most solutions require data protection appliances or cloud gateways – resulting in a 400% more data storage costs than CTERA’s “bring your own object storage” model
    • CTERA’s storage connectors support over 20 Object Storage platforms and services
  5. Traditional backup lack source-based WAN optimization and can’t protect data across clouds
    • CTERA’s source-based global deduplication, compression and encryption can backup terabytes of logical data per hour across the WAN
    • When agents don’t need to be deployed in the same zone as their storage, customers can back up any IaaS to IaaS or any Zone to any Zone

Our solution has already been selected to protect 10,000s of servers for enterprise customers across a wide range of industries, including Fortune 1000 insurance providers, advertising conglomerates, auto manufacturers, telecommunications companies and one of the largest US city governments. We look forward to taking the covers off these use cases over the coming months.

Until then – we invite you to learn more. You can watch the solution demo video for admins video for admins, download your free trial or just reach out for a chat with one of our data protection architects. And as our way of saying ‘thanks’ for registering for a consultation, we’ll send you a free t-shirt (logo below). Be prepared for the tough questions though… because we intend to ask you how you plan to…

Back that AWS up

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