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2014: A (Belated) Year in Review

ctera logo 200 1242014 was a remarkable year at CTERA, with tremendous growth, additions to our ever-expanding team, and recognition for having the muscle to help empower more organizations across the globe to deploy secure solutions from the cloud of their choice. It’s taken a little bit to stop and reflect only because 2015 appears to also be a moonshot.

Here’s a deeper look into what 2014 looked like for the CTERA team:

CTERA’s rapid rise in enterprise adoption

In 2014, we saw the early customer wins that CTERA secured in previous years turn into validations that have been repeated across many markets and customers. Our enterprise business managed to grow over 240% in 2014 (year-over-year) and we’ve got even bigger projects lined up in 2015 as more and more of our customers, like JWT, look to transform into secure, scalable IT-as-a-Service Providers using CTERA’s Platform.


Colored WorldCTERA’s solutions are, of course, ideal for large and distributed organizations… as testament to how our products are easy to deploy to far remote offices – CTERA solutions are now deployed across 110 countries worldwide; from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

Our ‘captive audience’ is massive

As you may know, many of the world’s largest telcos have select CTERA’s Data Services Platform to power their cloud services offering. While the number of telcos we sell to grew by 100% in 2014 (year-over-year), the potential is so much larger… Today, we’re proud to work with many of the world’s largest brands – adding leaders such as BT, Deutsche Telekom, Orange Business Services, Post, and Portugal Telecom to our list of customers in 2014. These IT solutions providers have deep and long-standing customer relationships – and if we measure their customer base as ‘captive prospects’, our prospect base grew by over 40 million business customers in 2014, many of whom are already growing into their CTERA solutions.

We expanded our worldwide presence

CTERA Offices

2014 saw continued global expansion with substantial growth in CTERA’s worldwide footprint. We established new corporate headquarters in New York City, substantially grew our presence in Petah Tikvah, Israel and established a presence in Hong Kong to manage APAC.


Welcome Yochai, CTERA’s first Chief Revenue Officer

Yochai StampWe’re happy to welcome Yochai Rozenblat as CTERA’s first CRO; Yochai has a wealth of experience in quickly growing significant enterprise sales organizations – and most recently served as the President of the Enterprise Group at NICE Systems. Yochai joins our team to oversee intensive global expansion of the CTERA go-to-market engine, fueled by demand for our Cloud Data Services Platform.

A successful round of funding

CTERA Offices

Welcome Bessemer!

In July, we announced our series C funding round, a $25 Million investment led by Bessemer Venture Partners to fund the global expansion of CTERA’s go-to-market organization and build upon our proven customer enterprise and service provider use cases.

We continued to innovate

The CTERA team was awarded two critical U.S. patents, recognizing the unique innovation in our remotely-managed, hybrid cloud storage system.

We were honored with industry recognition

CTERA received more than 10 industry awards during the past 12 months, including:

So what does 2015 hold for us? Let’s ask Liran Eshel, CTERA CEO and Co-Founder…
2014 was an amazing year for CTERA, full of wins at new and existing customers who have made the smart choice on how to cloud-enable their organizations. We’re looking forward to building on this momentum, continuing our passion for innovation and delivering market-leading solutions to even more customers in 2015. CTERA is in the exceptionally fortunate position of being able to offer the widest variety of data services all from a single platform that can be deployed from any choice of cloud to ensure complete compliance with today’s enterprise privacy and security agenda.

– Liran Eshel, CTERA CEO

So – in summary. 2014 was amazing. In 2015 – everything will be even bigger at CTERA…
Stay tuned as we share more of this amazing story with you!

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