By Jim Crook - 13 April 2017

CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection Joins the AWS Marketplace

Full disclosure: coming from the high-performance computing industry, the topic of enterprise security is a relatively foreign concept to me. I’ve worked extensively with the world’s largest defense departments in my past lives – but ‘security’ was most commonly used to describe topics such as ‘national security’ and ‘nuclear nonproliferation’. Fast forward to my time at […]

Examining lower-frequency-access cloud storage tiers A new tier of object storage that is particularly useful for data protection is now available on both AWS and Azure: AWS S3 Infrequent Access (“S3-IA”) and Azure Cool Blob Storage (“CBS”). Since CTERA backs-up cloud servers, on-prem servers, and other endpoints to object storage as a native target, we are offering up a comparison of […]

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